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We offer an extensive range of specialised products for the farrier.


Please visit our online Farrier Supplies to see more products and prices.

Below is a small sample of the many products we sell.

Aprons Aprons:

We normally stock more than ten different styles

Steel horseshoes:

O’Dwyer Standard Hack shoes, Perfa both Toe clipped & Sideclipped hinds, Flat Hacks, Pacing Shoes, Sprinter shoes in fronts & hinds


Aluminium Shoes:

Kerkhaert Race Plates, Victory Queens Plates & RX's

Victory Specialty Aluminium Shoes: wedged hinds in 2, 2.5 & 3 degree, wedged fronts, Square & Rolled Toe, Egg Bars, Wedged Eggbars,Heart & straight bar shoes, World Racing Plates, Victory Fastrack & Kerkhaert Fastbreak. We also have Straight & Heartbar Aluminium Bar inserts for a more exact fit.

Specialty Steel Shoes:

Square toe front & hind, Swedge, Half Round,Half Round/Half Swedge, Rolled Toe,


Shoeing Tools:

Nippers, Clinchers, Nail Pullers, Nail Nippers, Shoe Pullers, Nipper Springs,Hammers, Hammer Handles: In a variety of sizes and brands.


Blacksmithing Tools:

Hammers, Tongs, Wire brushes,

Rasps: Save-Edge, Hellier Legend & Red Tang, V-Sharpe, Bellotta, Diamond & Stockmans.
  Hoof Stands: Good variety including adjustable, with or without hind hoof cradle.
  Shoe Shaper(Pocket Anvil)
anvils Anvils: 20kg, 40kg & 95kg
ProForge Forges
equithane Equithane products: Guns,Tips, Mesh, Superfast, Hoof-pac, Adhere& Soleguard.
Dusky Knives Knives: Dusky Forge, Hall, Genia, Dick & Frost in lots of styles
Nails; Big range of nails in Australian, Mustad & Derby
Hoof Dressing & More



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