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Combined Farrier Supplies is Perth’s specialist in farriers equipment and horseshoeing supplies.Combined Farrier Supplies is the only store in WA dedicated to Farriery products and horseshoes.

Combined Farrier Supplies is a wholesale business that provides the cheapest prices on horseshoes and farrier tools direct to the farrier, but the public are also welcome. We wholesale our farrier supplies and horseshoes to Stockfeeders and other retail stores.

Combined Farrier Supplies is located in the popular horse disrict of Serpentine in Western Australia. Combined Farrier Supplies is a home based family business, so we can keep costs low to offer you the best possible service and price.

Please visit our online Farrier Supplies to see products and prices.

Horseshoe Jump

Combined Farrier Supplies have a comprehensive range of quality, up to date farrier tools and horseshoes at reasonable prices. Combined Farrier Supplies was founded by farriers and have used their knowledge to source the best farrier tools and horseshoes from around the Globe. Combined Farrier Supplies only stock farrier products that we have tested and deemed fit for the professional farrier.

We stock all the major brands in Horseshoes and Farrier equipment, these include: Victory Racing Plates, Kerckhaert Race Plates and steel horseshoes, O'Dwyer Horseshoes and Blacksmith anvils, Mustad Horseshoe Nails and Tools, Derby Horseshoe Nails, Australian Horseshoe Nails, GE Farrier Tools, Save Edge Farrier Rasps, Dusky Forge Loop Knives, Hall loop and flat blade knives and Equithane Products, Hawthorne Solepac and many ,many more.

Nailing hammers by Calvary,Mustad, Diamond, Blurton,Horsehead, Bellott Nippers by GE tools, St Croix, Mustad, Diamond and more....
Horse Rasps by Save Edge, Heller, Diamond, Vallorbe and more....
Knives by Dusky Forge(Paul Mitchell), Hall, Frost, Doubles and more.....
Farrier Aprons by Kerckhaert, Odwyer, Clarke, Diaa and more....
Farriermond and more...

Combined Farrier Supplies have specialty horse lines at wholesale prices. These include elastaplus horse bandages, "Super 14" supplement for a superior shine and "Quitt" a stop wood chewing supplement, both of which are guaranteed.

Quitt Stops Horse Chewing Wood Supper14 For a Glossy Coat Elastoplast Bandages @ Wholesale price


Combined Farrier Supplies is also the agent for The Delta Hoof Boots by Cavallo Horse and Rider "For the better of the horse".
The Delta Hoof Boot is great for all-terrain hoof protection for the barefoot horse. These Delta Hoof Boots are perfect for the barefoot trimmers or horses that are only ridden occasionally.We sell knives, rasps and hoof stands that are perfect for the barefoot trimmer.Combined Supplies will soon be opening its online farrier supplies and horseshoe shop @
Delta Hoof Boot


Mustad Horseshoe Nails
Odwyer Horseshoes Australia
Save Edge horseshoeing Rasp
Victory Racing Plates
St Croix Tools
GE Tools
Diamond Tools
Dusky Forge Loop Knives
Paul Mitchell Sharpeners
CS Loop Knife

CS Loop Knife

New CS Loop Knife now available for $33



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