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38 farriers attended the first clinic of the Kerkhaert “Haydn Price” Australian Tour held at Combined Farrier Supplies at Serpentine.

The morning lectures were held in the spacious workshop of Combined Farriers. Haydn’s dynamic Power point presentation had everyone thinking and keen to be involved in the practical work after lunch.Haydn Price Gallery

Two very interesting cases were presented in the afternoon.

The first was an Arabian Endurance horse who had in the past badly quartered its heel which was affecting its performance as an endurance horse.
A bar shoe was constructed from a Kerkhaert steel shoe & CS Bar Inserts and applied with Equithane Equi-Pac for support .

The second case was a show horse who, according to her owner was showing signs of severe soreness in one front leg but upon examination was quite sore in all four feet.
This hourse was correctly fitted all-round with Kerkhaert PB Classic shoes, with CS Bar Inserts in front and packed with Hawthorne Sole-Pac (medicated packing) in all four feet. Haydn felt it would take time & co-operation between owner, vet & farrier but with time the mare should make a complete recovery and return to the show ring.

Haydn is a very knowledgeable and experienced farrier and lecturer and made everyone relaxed and confident to ask questions thro-out the day allowing everyone to learn at their own level. This clinic allowed farriers not only to learn from this outstanding clinician but also from one another. The networking and socializing between farriers is a very rewarding part of these clinics.

Thank you to Haydn & Rachael for making the trip to Australia and to Kerkhaert, Tallahesse & Michael for making it possible. Many Thanks to Jeanne, Mary, Rachael & Diane for your valued help with the catering.

PS Already the Show horse is back in full work. The owner said that within 48 hours he was much more comfortable and continued to improve rapidly!


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